Van Aalst Marine Offshore B.V.

Baanhoekweg 16
3313 LA Dordrecht
Baanhoekweg 16
Van Aalst Group institutes around a group of independent companies that specialize in specific fields within the pneumatic cargo handling of machinery, equipment and its development, for transport and distribution to the Marine & Offshore and the Construction Industry worldwide.

Today, the companies have established to become a reference point thanks to the short communication lines and their highly skilled enthusiastic professionals whom dedicate themselves to deliver sustainable products that meet business specific processes.

Close collaboration and decade of surround field knowledge has led to great technological advances as a result of the customer driven approach and dedication. With the core design principles being reliable, durable, efficient and safe, the companies continually delivered top quality products that adhere to customer specific and environmental demands. In favor with environmental regulations that reflects in the latest products, van Aalst Group works with determination to deliver environmental friendly solutions for now and in the future.

With the recently expanded Pneumatic R&D center van Aalst Group aims to establish the leading position in the current operating markets and to further explore new market opportunities.

The office in Dordrecht situated on the same industrial ground holds a facility of approximately 9000m2 with 3000m2 for offices, production, training center and research & development. The facility has easy road access and a waterfront of 150m with easy waterway access via the Rotterdam harbor to the North Sea. The waterfront permits construction and conversions of cargo vessels up to DWT 10.000 at location.

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